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Viewing / Rent Commercial Building, consists of about 3.200m2 built on a plot of 1.800m2 and is distributed on four levels with the following areas:

Nivel sótano 874m2

Nivel semisótano 843m2

Nivel Planta Baja 762m2

To level plant high-689m2

On the perimeter of the building and occupying the rest of the plot is 20 surface parking spaces, although both the basement and the basement are likely to use for this purpose if necessary because they have a height of 2.5 m.

The ground floor has a elegant hall Input, wide open area and various units that can be easily redistributed to fit the required uses (height of 3.5 m)

The floor around a spacious courtyard with translucent illuminating both indoor daylight levels, currently completely clear and also has a height of 3.5 m.

All levels are connected with stairs, elevator and hoists.

This Commercial Building is located in a large knot communications with the highways.

The facilities are designed to facilitate adaptation to any application that demands the property, because the architect designed the building with a multifunctional vision to simplify the preparation of future works. (Business Investment)