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New Gym in Málaga

Evo gimnasio



With these dates, through PrimeraLinea have signed contracts for the opening of new Evofit, which from now on will be led by professional Alejandro Heredia and José Luis Rodríguez Ruiz Rosúa, which are pictured next to Dato Altamirano, representative PrimeraLinea Business Center, celebrating the signing of contracts.

PrimeraLinea BUSINESS CENTER, they want to Messrs. Heredia and Rosúa, the greatest success for their professionalism will get.

They are already making major renovations and new equipment in the aforementioned gym, in order to provide better service to existing and new partners, reforms that are planned gradually make in order not to interrupt the activity and whose reforms have provided a period not exceeding 90 days.

The Referral Gym is located on the new road Málaga Capital.